Why it’s important to keep your tyres in good condition

ar tyres are only contact point  with the road. They are responsible for propelling the car forward as well as stopping the car during braking. There is only a small patch of rubber touching the ground at any one time; therefore it is vital to always keep your tyres in good condition.

Tyres should be properly inflated, not too old, and have sufficient grip at all times to ensure the utmost levels of safety when driving. In this article, Tumbi Tyres discusses why it is important to keep our tyres in good condition while touching on ways in which to do this, and what aspects of the tyre to check.

Tyre inflation

Tyre inflation is responsible for three things, handling, comfort and fuel efficiency. Different cars require different types of tyres to maintain these three aspects. If you drive a heavier car, you may need to inflate your tyres to a higher PSI than a smaller car. All auto manufacturers should have inflation recommendations in the manual so you to inflate your tyres to for optimal use. With low inflation, you sacrifice fuel efficiency and increase wear and tear. On the other hand, with high inflation, you increase fuel efficiency but sacrifice comfort and handling. Finding the perfect balance gives your car optimal handling, comfort and fuel efficiency.

How old is too old?

Replacing your tyres at the right time is important in maintaining sufficient levels of safety while you are driving. If your tyres are too old, it means they have probably lost the majority of their grip, which  decreases the traction and handling levels of the tyre. This can be extremely dangerous as it significantly reduces your braking abilities and makes sliding and slipping on wet roads far more likely.

Tyres generally have a production date  written on the sidewall of the tyre. You should go no longer than 5-6 years without replacing your tyres, however, this depends considerably on how much you drive. Inspect your tyres regularly and if you are starting to see cracks on the sidewall, or you notice there is no tread left on the tyire, it is time to change them. Head to Tumbi Tyres,  your local tyres services expert for trusted advice on when to change your tyres if you are not sure.

Rotate your tyres

If you have a 2WD car, there is more pressure on your back tyres, which means they will wear faster than the front two.  To help increase the lifespan of your tyres,  have them rotated about once a year by a trusted tyres services professional.

Regular tyre inspections from your Central Coast tyres expert

If you are unsure about the condition of your tyres at any stage while in Tumbi, take it to your local Central Coast tyres expert at Tumbi Tyres.

We will inspect your tyres and ensure that those four bits of rubber that connect your car to the road, are in the best condition possible at all times.

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