How to choose the right tyres for your vehicle

Tyres are one the most important components of your car, and they can make or break your driving experience. It is vital that you choose the right tyres for your car as the four rubber pieces that connect your car to the road are what keeps you from sliding off the road and potentially putting yourself and other drivers at risk.

Understanding the type of tyre, the size to buy and how to take care of them will go a long way in keeping you safe and making your driving experience a pleasurable one. In this article, Tumbi Tyres discusses how to choose the right tyres for your vehicle, exploring some of the most important things to be conscious of when choosing your tyres.

Check your tyre size

Choosing the right size tyre for your car will go a long way in maximising the handling, comfort, fuel efficiency and safety of your driving experience. Most cars have a tyre size recommendation in the owners manual, however car owners can sometimes choose to alter they tyre size depending on their needs and requirements of driving the car. For example, if you own a 4WD, you may choose to fit larger tyres on your car. The more width you get, the more contact you have with the ground, which in turn makes off-roading easier. This does come with a downside, as it reduces fuel efficiency.

Knowing your tyre size

On the side wall of all tyres, you will find a series of numbers and letters that explain your tyre size. The configuration will look something like 165/55R17 94H. This gives the tyre width (in mm), followed by the sidewall height of the tyre and then the radial construction. After this comes the internal diameter, known as the rim size. Finally, is the load index and tyre speed symbol marking.
It is not necessary to fully understand all of these as Tumbi Tyres, your local tyres services expert, can help you when changing your tyres. However, if you are interested in more information regarding this, you can find it in your car owner’s manual.

Tyre type

There are two types of tyres, tube tyres and tubeless tyres. Your central coast tyres experts at Tumbi Tyres recommend tubeless tyres for most cars, as it is far easier to fix punctures and fit alloy rims. Tube tyres are only recommended for steel-rim cars.

Tyre quality and brand reputation

When choosing which brand of tyre is best for your car, it is important to do some research into the different types of brands and the quality of tyres that they produce. Although almost all tyre brands produce high-quality tyres these days, the difference comes in how long they will last. Choosing a slightly more expensive and reputable brand will likely mean your tyre will last longer than going for a cheaper option. The central coast tyres experts at Tumbi Tyres can help you by recommending the best brand.

Top tip: We only fit tyres purchased at Tumbi Tyres, that is the only way we can guarantee the quality of the tyre.

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