When should you replace your tyres?

Taking care of your car is extremely important for a number of reasons. You must look after your car to reduce any safety risks to you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. Your car is a big investment, so it is in your best financial interest to look after it as best you can. Something that can often be neglected when taking care of your car, is your tyres. In this article, the Central Coast tyre professionals at Tumbi Tyres discuss when your tyres should be replaced and what to look out for that will suggest they need to be changed.

How often should your tyres be changed

All the tyres on a car should be replaced at least every 5-6 years, whether the tread is worn out or not. This is for the safety of the vehicle. Most tyre manufacturers suggest changing the tyres after this period of time.

Check your tread wear

The best indicator of whether or not your tyre needs to be changed is the condition the tread is in. Tyres come with tread indicators, which are in the form of a triangle arrowhead on the side of the tyre. If this is no longer visible, or becoming faded, it is certainly time to have your tyre changed.

A brand new tyre will usually have a tread depth of around 8mm. Australian law requires a tread depth of at least 1.5mm to be considered roadworthy, so be mindful of the age and wear on your tyres and how it’s impacting your safety.

Typically, your mechanic will check your tyres when you go to have your oil changed or your car serviced. If they notice that your tyres are becoming worn, they will let you know.

Factors affecting tyre health

Factors that contribute to the health of your tyres include

● how fast you drive
● how often you drive
● the types of roads you drive on – if you drive on damaged roads, maybe for 4 wheel-driving, your tyres may become damaged a lot quicker
● how often you emergency brake
● the level to which you take care of your tyres – in terms of having them checked for damage and having them serviced
● using the right sized tyres for your car – if you own a heavy truck or ute and have small tyres, they may be susceptible to unnecessary amounts of pressure, therefore causing them to wear quicker and
● keeping your tyres inflated the correct amount.

Seek advice from a professional

If you are unsure about the condition your tyres are in, it is in your best interest to have them checked by a professional at Tumbi Tyres, your local tyre services location. If you’re looking for trusted tyre advice on the Central Coast or need repairs and replacements, the tyre services experts at Tumbi Tyres are here to help.

To find out more, get in touch with the central coast tyre experts at Tumbi Tyres today, or reach out for a free quote.