With the stay at home orders continuing across NSW and extended lockdowns for the Greater Sydney area, it’s quite likely your car has been doing a lot less work than it normally does.
  • Give it a deep clean: Hygiene is crucial. Clear out any rubbish and give everything a wipe down to make sure there are no germs breeding or creepies crawling.

  • Monitor fluids: You should change your engine oil every six months. Even if you’re not driving your car, the compounds can break down over time. Used oil can also contain corrosive elements. Before you drive again, make sure you top up the windscreen wiper fluid and engine coolant.

  • Take a short spin: A trip to the supermarket, the chemist or any other essential service will do wonders for your car battery and keep everything running smoothly.

  • Check you tyre pressure: Under inflated tyres are dangerous to drive on, so next time you head to the servo – mask up and check you tyre pressure while you are there. This is a great habit to get into, aim for checking your tyre pressure around once a month.

Based on an article by Tyres and More.